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  • Our robust network connections and more than 33 years of expertise in Real Estate have already created 700,000 sqft of space. We’re not done yet!
  • We’re focused on helping you benefit from the economic opportunities created by rising interest rates and inflation.
  • By partnering with investors and landowners in South Florida, we have access to unprecedented opportunities to acquire, develop, and manage real estate assets.
  • We invest our own money beside yours, monitor and control on-site operations throughout the lifecycle of the project, and make data-driven decisions in the best interest of our investors.

mikhail pritsker

Mikhail loves the quote, “When the water rises, fish eat ants. When the water goes, ants eat fish.” With over 23 years of experience in Real Estate, Business Development, and Portfolio Management, he understands market cycles and knows the opportunities available now are time-sensitive.

Mikhail has a keen understanding of market cycles and experience across many asset classes, management strategies, and target markets. This unique adaptability and understanding helps him spot great opportunities at the right time.

His awareness of the balance necessary between reliance on formulas and being a visionary leader has fostered an exceptional ability to liaise with existing networks and generate new networks of both local and international real estate investors.

Mikhail lives by the philosophy that being a successful investor is about following the math and being ahead of the curve.

timur ali-zade

Timur loves the quote, “Sometimes you eat the bear. Sometimes the bear eats you.” He aims to ensure bears won’t eat investors.

He is focused on helping investors create a legacy that will transcend generations. He’s doing the same thing for his parents and grandparents right now, so this is a very personal relationship he feels with investors.

Timur combines his hands-on experience and historical and financial knowledge to guide investments in a calculated, practical sense.

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